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What Is the Farm Bill?

Protecting America’s Food and Farmers

What Is the Farm Bill?

The farm bill is the most significant piece of legislation that affects farmers and ranchers across the country. It plays a critical role in protecting farmers’ livelihoods and making sure Americans have safe, nutritious food, including by supporting those facing hunger. The farm bill gives farmers and ranchers the tools they need to keep our farms and food supply secure in all seasons.   The farm bill funds nutrition programs like SNAP, formerly known as food stamps, as well as programs that support the U.S. agricultural sector, such as risk management, agricultural research and conservation programs. The farm bill is reauthorized every five years. The current farm bill expires on September 30, 2023. Congress must pass a farm bill this year in order to fully protect our food, land and livelihoods.  We cannot afford to let the clock run out on the farm bill. It’s time for Congress to work together to ensure America’s farmers and ranchers can continue to provide safe and affordable food for all Americans.

Farm bill programs support rural infrastructure like broadband, which is critical to providing equitable education and health care for all Americans.

73% of Americans recognize there would be a significant impact on the country if the farm bill is not reauthorized.
There are more than 2 million farms in the United States, covering 475 million acres of land.
Through the farm bill, farmers and ranchers have voluntarily enrolled 140 million acres in conservation programs—that’s equal to the size of California and New York combined.
Agriculture supports 46 million jobs in the U.S.
Today, the farm bill’s nutrition programs help supply more than 9 billion meals annually. 21 million U.S. families rely on SNAP benefits.

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We are agricultural, environmental, forestry, nutrition and hunger organizations advocating for the farm bill to benefit America’s families and our future by:

1. Collaborating with partners and stakeholders who care about America’s farmers, the health of America’s natural resources, and the abundance of food, fiber and renewable fuels in our country. 2. Engaging the public on the importance of the farm bill through digital and media outreach.  3. Reaching out to members of Congress and staff, especially those new to the farm bill, to help them understand the bill’s significance and impact on every family in America.

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